Hypnotherapist Near Me (Phone/Skype Consultations and  Sessions Available)

If you’re in Los Angeles, California, you are very near me since my hypnotherapy office is conveniently located in the heart of West Los Angeles.  Close to both the Santa Monica Freeway and the San Diego Freeway, my practice welcomes and serves a diverse population of clients living, working, playing or going to school in nearby areas such as Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey, and Venice.

Skype Hypnotherapy, Counseling and Coaching

If you live in an outlying area of Los Angeles County, out of state, or even out of the country, I am still near you and available to help you since I offer convenient, private, and effective coaching, consultations, counseling, and hypnotherapy sessions by phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  I can also answer your questions and give you feed-back by email, and text messaging.

Skype and phone sessions can be every bit as effective. You still get a complimentary recording to listen to between sessions (as all clients do) to maximize the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to deal with a variety of issues. If you have any questions as to how effective it may be for you, give me a call at: (310) 422-9913 or email me at: [email protected] and I would be more than happy to go over your issue(s) and see if hypnotherapy is the right choice for you.

How Will Hypnotherapy Effect Me?

During our sessions, you will become very relaxed, with your eyes closed and your attention inwardly focused, allowing access to your subconscious mind, where positive change originates.  (I say “allow” because it is up to you whether you will go into hypnosis.  I can’t make you.  So forget everything you’ve seen in movies or television, or read about in fiction.  No one can put you into hypnosis against your will and no one can use hypnosis to make you do anything you don’t want to do.)

To enter a hypnotic state (often referred to as a “trance”) you can be almost anywhere–in your office, at home, in the hospital, or on the beach.  Anywhere that you won’t be disturbed; where you can stretch out (on a bed couch, or recliner) or you can be sitting comfortably in a chair; either way,  you will close your eyes and keep them closed, and you will keep your arms and legs uncrossed and your hands open and free of devices so as not to assume a resistant pose or require any motor skills that may contract muscles and undermine your relaxation.

We will never have sessions while you are driving your car, bicycling, on a scooter, etc. since that requires your being alert to the operations of your vehicle and vigilant with respect to the behavior of others on the road.  These activities require your conscious attention in full.

How It Works

Hypnotherapy involves implanting into your subconscious mind support, encouragement, new ideas, thoughts, images, visualizations, suggestions, commands, metaphors, approval, rhetorical questions, etc. using spoken words and sounds.  The inductions used to take you into hypnosis, as well as the techniques and processes applied once you are in hypnosis, are all delivered while your eyes are closed and you are in a very relaxed state and inwardly focused.  There is very little, if any, talking on your part.  I may have you signal me with a simple “Yes” or “Now” in answer to a question here and there, but otherwise you are silent.

No matter how we work together in hypnotherapy–in person, over the phone, or via Skype or FaceTime, I always create an audio of the hypnosis portion of the session and send it to you via Dropbox or a similar online storage and transmission application.  Using the audio in between sessions to reinforce what was implanted in your subconscious mind during the session strengthens your results, makes them more long-lasting, and enables you to get the results in a shorter period of time.

Think about it.  I am like a personal trainer for your mind.  If you work with a personal trainer to lose weight, firm up, build stronger muscles, gain agility, etc. you don’t simply do what the trainer teaches you during the session and do nothing in between sessions.  Any results over several months would be slow and minimal at best.  But if you practice 2, 3, or more times during the week what you were taught in your sessions, your results will be dramatically improved and achieved much more quickly.  The mind works according to the Law of Repetition.  Just as you learn any new technique or acquire a new skill, the more you repeat the learning process the better you are able to remember and perform it.  Hypnotherapy works the same way.

So whether I am near you or far away, I invite you to get in touch if you are interested in finding how my hypnotherapy, coaching, or counseling sessions can help you accomplish your goals and live your dreams.  Why not request a complimentary 1/2 hour phone consultation to learn how my counseling, coaching, or use of clinical hypnosis to access the 90% of your mind power that resides in your subconscious can assist you to achieve the aims and desires you’ve been longing for.

Helping clients achieve their goals and live their dreams makes my spirit soar and my heart sing!

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