Los Angeles Hypnotherapist – Ellen R. Coleman, C. Ht.

Ellen R. Coleman - Certified HypnotherapistThank you for visiting MINDWORKS HYPNOTHERAPY.  As one of the most experienced certified hypnotherapists in Los Angeles, I have been in private practice nearly 17 years on Los Angeles’ popular Westside.  A former university professor who taught philosophy of mind at Cornell, Stanford, and San Francisco State with an unfinished Ph.D. dissertation, I am also a recovering self-saboteur, a self-empowerment coach, and a motivational comic. 

Helping you recover from your self-sabotage (such as procrastination, perfectionism, pessimism, lack of perseverance, indecision, negative self-talk, underachieving, obsessing, and second-guessing) so you can love yourself, achieve your goals and live your dreams makes my spirit soar and my heart sing.

I began as a Los Angeles hypnotherapist in 2001. In 2004 the MINDWORKS HYPNOTHERAPY website debuted to educate the general public about the nature and benefits of clinical hypnosis.  When I discovered that both hypnotherapy and self-empowerment coaching could be provided quite effectively over the phone and the Internet, I became a hypnotherapist who provides people around the world with tools and techniques to transform their lives from the comfort of their home, office, hotel room, or beach towel.  This also gives me the freedom to hold sessions away from my Los Angeles office, in virtually any location.

If you are open and commit to the process, hypnotherapy can be a very beneficial, brief-term therapy to identify, understand, and resolve the mental and emotional blocks thwarting your success, such as the fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, poor self-image, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, lack of healthy boundaries, co-dependence, and destructive behavior patterns.

In addition, the strategies you develop, the tools you acquire, and the techniques you learn can be adapted and used long after your therapy with me has ended, to handle other internal issues and challenges that may crop up in your life.

Helping clients be who they yearn to be lights me up inside. While always gratifying, it is especially so when clients who were dissatisfied with their results from years of “talk therapy” finally get the benefits they were hoping for from hypnotherapy.


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Seeking Help

Adults and young people turn to me for help in resolving inner conflicts and problems affecting their business, sports performance, academic life, personal relationships, health, creativity, and finances. Using the Socratic method (a form of inquiry that prompts critical thinking and clear ideas), we agree on specific objectives to work on using hypnosis, coaching, and other methods.

Finding Help Within

Within each of us is a wise part (the “Authentic Self”) that knows what we truly want and are meant to do; it also knows what to do to achieve it. My role is to enable clients  to “team up” with that wise part, resolve internal resistance, and take the actions needed to succeed. The methods I apply and teach are delivered in several ways; not all of which use hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy Sessions

The giant panda loves to rest and sleep, spending some 12 hours or more a day doing just that. Hypnosis is a natural resting state—a state of deep relaxation and calm that humans love.

Motivational Speaking

The eclectus parrot, one of the most talkative birds in the world, loves to entertain an audience. Able to verbalize quite distinctly, the eclectus can also mimic mood and tone of voice.

Self-Help Coaching

Mother elephants coach their young early on to take care of themselves. In this elephant self-help coaching session, the mother is teaching her baby to create a switch of ideal length to swat flies.

Group Learning 

Dolphins, now thought the most intelligent animals besides humans, can be trained to perform magnificent feats using techniques called “chunking” and “positive reinforcement”.