Los Angeles Hypnotherapist – Ellen R. Coleman, C. Ht.

Ellen R. Coleman - Certified HypnotherapistThank you for visiting MINDWORKS HYPNOTHERAPY.  This year I celebrate 20 years in private practice as one of the most experienced self-empowerment coaches and certified hypnotherapists in Los Angeles.  Teaching my clients to harness the enormous power of the subconscious mind to overcome anxiety and achieve their goals is exciting, challenging, and gratifying.  

I have always been fascinated by the mind and mental states.  At the University of Michigan I majored in Philosophy and wrote an honors thesis “On Wanting”.  After grad school, I taught Philosophy of Mind at Cornell, Stanford, and San Francisco State while working on my Ph.D. dissertation on the mental causes of human action. 

I never finished that dissertation.  Never got the Ph.D despite really wanting it.  Most of the time, my advisor was either on another coast or out of the country.  But even face-to-face, we never seemed to jibe.  Why didn’t I take him seriously when he wrote at the bottom of one of my pages: “I don’t think you will get your thesis done with me”?  When I finally replaced him, it was too late.  I had run out of steam. 

But more to the point, I had been sabotaging myself for years.  Meetings to discuss the dissertation never went well.  With no viable responses to his comments and criticism, I was losing self-confidence and filled with self-doubt.  Anxious and depressed, I was self-medicating with food, sleeping too long, and smoking too much weed.  I would procrastinate in the art studio, engaged in ceramics instead of academics.  And I kept falling for and giving my heart to unavailable men.

My journey from self-saboteur to certified hypnotherapist and self-empowerment coach has taught me so much.  Applying the strategies, techniques, tools, and tips I’ve learned and developed along the way, I can help you overcome the anxiety and emotional pain you suffer when your conscious goals conflict with your subconscious programming.  Although clinical hypnosis is not an overnight miracle cure, it is a safe, natural, and drug-free way to access your subconscious mind, relieve the anxiety and pain, while implanting constructive beliefs, desires, and attitudes that impel you to take the consistent, goal-oriented actions you need to succeed.

If you suffer from generalized anxiety it may be due to chronic self-doubt, obsessive worry, procrastination, perfectionism, pessimism, negative self-talk, under-achieving, low self-esteem, indecision, and/or second-guessing yourself; if so, you are a self-saboteur.  But it’s not a life sentence.  When you are open and commit to the process, hypnotherapy can be a very beneficial, brief-term therapy to resolve those self-defeating behaviors, quell your anxiety and fears, improve your mood, create healthy boundaries, overcome childhood trauma, and free yourself from bad habits.  What’s more, the techniques and tools you learn you can adapt and use long after your therapy with me has ended, to handle other issues and challenges that may crop up in your life.  That’s one reason why I include a reinforcement audio with every session.

Helping you be who you yearn to be makes my spirit soar and my heart sing.  Always gratifying, it is especially so if you are dissatisfied with your results from years of “talk therapy” and finally get the benefits you were hoping for from hypnotherapy with me.


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Seeking Help

Adults and young people turn to me for help in resolving inner conflicts and problems affecting their business, sports performance, academic life, personal relationships, health, creativity, and finances. Using the Socratic method (a form of inquiry that prompts critical thinking and clear ideas), we agree on specific objectives to work on using hypnosis, coaching, and other methods.

Finding Help Within

Within each of us is a wise part (the “Authentic Self”) that knows what we truly want and are meant to do; it also knows what to do to achieve it. My role is to enable clients  to “team up” with that wise part, resolve internal resistance, and take the actions needed to succeed. The methods I apply and teach are delivered in several ways; not all of which use hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy Sessions

The giant panda loves to rest and sleep, spending some 12 hours or more a day doing just that. Hypnosis is a natural resting state—a state of deep relaxation and calm that humans love.

Motivational Speaking

The eclectus parrot, one of the most talkative birds in the world, loves to entertain an audience. Able to verbalize quite distinctly, the eclectus can also mimic mood and tone of voice.

Self-Help Coaching

Mother elephants coach their young early on to take care of themselves. In this elephant self-help coaching session, the mother is teaching her baby to create a switch of ideal length to swat flies.

Group Learning 

Dolphins, now thought the most intelligent animals besides humans, can be trained to perform magnificent feats using techniques called “chunking” and “positive reinforcement”.