parret-big2The eclectus parrot, one of the most talkative birds in the world, loves to entertain an audience. Able to verbalize quite distinctly, the eclectus can also mimic mood and tone of voice.

Ellen loves to entertain audiences as well and started in her family’s living room around the age of five, imitating popular comics she saw on television. For her, getting laughs was getting love.

She studied Creative Drama (a pre-cursor to Improv) at the local civic theatre during grade school and middle school, performing minor roles in plays and musicals. Back then, fat girls with big noses and limp locks weren’t encouraged to go out for the lead in the senior play or to major in the Dramatic Arts in college. Having been selected at age 8 to enter “Opportunity School” for gifted children, she focused on academic endeavors instead.

Ellen has been addressing audiences much of her professional life.  She has lectured about the mind at universities around the country, consulted with technology companies in Silicon Valley, taught SoCal service and health-related organizations about hypnosis, and performed stand-up in clubs and parties around Los Angeles.

As an avid edutainer Ellen now combines her love of education and comedy as a motivational speaker.  Her mission is to empower others to overcome the #1 cause of their unfulfilled potential, self-sabotage, an affliction she has battled since childhood.  By shining light on the self-saboteur in all of us, she first reveals its paradoxical nature as both insidious and yet  protective of the individual’s well-being; and then offers strategies to rein it in and win it over to the side of self-love and self-actualization.

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