Hypnotherapy Sessions

The giant panda loves to rest and sleep, spending some 12 hours or more a day doing just that. Hypnosis is a natural resting state—a state of deep relaxation and calm that humans love.

We all go into hypnosis as we fall off to sleep, and are still in it when we first awaken.

Hypnotherapy, also known as “clinical hypnosis”, induces that relaxing state for other therapeutic benefits, such as managing stress and anxiety, developing confidence, increasing self-esteem, and enhancing self-image. When in a hypnotic state, the subconscious, where positive change originates, is more receptive to accepting ideas and thoughts that nurture us and encourage us to achieve our goals and dreams.

The reason is that during hypnosis, the subconscious is immediately and directly accessible, whereas when we are fully conscious, it is not.Thus, affirmative imagery and suggestions implanted during hypnosis have more influence because they go directly into the subconscious, prompting constructive beliefs, attitudes, and actions in support of what is desired.

Motivational Speaking

The eclectus parrot, one of the most talkative birds in the world, loves to entertain an audience. Able to verbalize quite distinctly, the eclectus can also mimic mood and tone of voice.

Ellen loves to entertain audiences as well and started in her family’s living room around the age of five, imitating popular comicsshe saw on television. For her, getting laughs was getting love.

She studied Creative Drama (a pre-cursor to Improv) at the local civic theatre during grade school and middle school, performing minor roles in plays and musicals. Back then, fat girls with big noses and limp locks weren’t encouraged to go out for the lead in the senior play or to major in the Dramatic Arts in college. Having been selected at age 8to enter “Opportunity School” for gifted children, she focused on academic endeavors instead.

Self-Help Coaching

Mother elephants coach their young early in life to take care of themselves. In this elephant coaching session, momma is teaching her baby to create a switch of ideal length to swat flies.

Self-help coaching may be the best kind of coaching. You acquire techniques, tools, and tips you can use to coach yourself whenever you are delaying progress on your goals.

Self-help coaching at MINDWORKS involves learning to identify and overcome the internal resistance and negative patterns blocking your accomplishments.As you do, you develop autonomy, self-reliance, and self-esteem that bolster your confidence and enhance your self-image as a problem-solver and an achiever. You learn how to desensitize your fears and initiate constructive action.

Perhaps the most common, yet perplexing reason why people fail to attain their goals and live their dreams is self-sabotage. They behave in ways that retard their achievement rather than promote it.

Group Learning

Dolphins, now thought the most intelligent animals besides humans, can be trained to perform magnificent feats using techniques called “chunking” and “positive reinforcement”.

By breaking the desired behavior down into many smaller steps and giving the dolphins tasty fish as rewards when they execute the steps properly, their trainers teach them complex repertoires.

When the dolphins perform these complex repertoires correctly on command, their training is considered successful.

MINDWORKS offers workshops and trainings that teach techniques such as chunking and positive reinforcement to overcome mental blocks that sabotage the achievement of goals and dreams.

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