elephant-bigMother elephants coach their young early in life on how to take care of themselves. In this elephant coaching session, momma is teaching her baby to create a switch of ideal lengthto swat flies.

Self-help coaching may be the best kind of coaching for humans. You acquire techniques, tools, and tips you can use to coach yourself whenever you are delaying progress on your goals.

Self-help coaching at MINDWORKS involves learning to identify and overcome the internal resistance and negative patterns blocking your accomplishments. In doing so, you develop autonomy, self-reliance, and self-esteem that bolster your confidence and enhance your self-image as an independent thinker, a problem-solver, and an achiever. You learn how to desensitize your fears of responsibility and accountability, so you make decisions and initiate constructive action.  You develop your potential as a leader.

Perhaps the most common, yet perplexing reason why people fail to attain their goals and live their dreams is self-sabotage. They behave in ways that retard their achievement rather than promote it.

Many who self-sabotage are unaware that they are doing so, at least some of the time.  After all, it’s not something someone consciously intends to do.

Are you a self-saboteur?  Are you aware of the many ways that you sabotage your good?  Do you understand why and how you self-sabotage?  Feeling overwhelmed and giving in to laziness is only one of the many ways.  And even if you are aware of how and when you do it, do you know the underlying reasons for your self-sabotage? And most importantly, do you know how to stop it?

At MINDWORKS, self-help coaching also teaches you to:

• Identify the ways you self-sabotage(e.g. by procrastinating, making excuses for not taking action, second-guessing yourself,   demanding perfection, putting yourself down, fearing you are inadequate, just to name a few of the ways)
• Understand why you self-sabotage
• Recognize what triggers your self-sabotage
• Monitor your behavior
• Replace self-sabotage with constructive action in support of your goals

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