panda-bigThe giant panda loves to rest and sleep, spending some 12 hours or more a day doing just that. Hypnosis is a natural resting state—a state of deep relaxation and calm that humans love.

We all go into hypnosis as we fall off to sleep, and are still in it when we first awaken.

Hypnotherapy, also known as ‘clinical hypnosis’, induces that relaxing state for other therapeutic benefits, such as managing stress and anxiety, developing confidence, increasing self-esteem, and enhancing self-image.
When in a hypnotic state, the subconscious, where positive change originates, is more receptive to accepting ideas and thoughts that nurture us and encourage us to achieve our goals and dreams.

The reason is that during hypnosis, the subconscious is immediately and directly accessible, whereas when we are fully conscious, it is not. Thus, affirmative imagery and suggestions implanted during hypnosis have more influence because they go directly into the subconscious, prompting constructive beliefs, attitudes, and actions in support of what is desired.

You found MINDWORKS HYPNOTHERAPY searching for help. Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life? Have you been working on the same goals seemingly forever with little or no discernible progress?

Likely you are overcome by limiting beliefs, negative habits, and self-defeating attitudes that frustrate you and sabotage getting what you want.

You realize that you need to change your behavior, but you don’t know what to do or how to do it. MINDWORKS HYPNOTHERAPY can help you.

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