Your first hypnotherapy session is very important since it lays the groundwork for all we accomplish. Before I guide you into hypnosis, we engage in a “cognitive inquiry” that sets up what’s to come.

Cognitive Inquiry

I assure you I maintain client-therapist confidentiality, as it is an important part of developing trust and rapport, both critical for any therapy to be successful.

To help you, I need to know what your goals and dreams are, how much progress you have made, and what’s holding you back. We explore your thoughts, fears, beliefs, and other attitudes about your goals and dreams, as well as other aspects of your life that may contribute to your being stuck or frustrated.

We discuss the internal obstacles that undermine your progress (e.g. low-self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and poor self-image) and your problems dealing with them (e.g. social anxiety, procrastination, fear of failure).

I ask pointed questions,listening attentively and empathetically to discover how those issues and problems adversely affect your happiness and well being. Depending upon what we covered during your consultation and what you already know about hypnotherapy, I may explain what clinical hypnosis is (and what it is not), distinguishing it from stage hypnosis, dispelling popular misconceptions about it and allaying any apprehensions or doubts you may harbor about your ability to go into and come out of it safely and comfortably.

I describe how it typically feels to be in a hypnotic state, and point out that most everyone has had a hypnotic experience in everyday life without even realizing it and give examples.

It’s important to know that no one ever does or accepts anything in hypnosis that goes against their will, ethics, religious beliefs, desires, personal taste, or best interest.  (For more about this, see “What Are Popular Misconceptions?” in Hypnosis FAQ).

If necessary, I explain the theory of mind underlying my approach, and, in that context, how hypnosis works to resolve your problem. Then, I answer any questions you may have.

After that, I explain suggestibility and assess your suggestibility using a survey of questions to which there are no right or wrong answers. It is simply a way to determine what your primary mode for processing information is so that I can play into that when inducing your hypnotic state and applying hypnotherapeutic tools that are particularly warranted and effective for your issues and goals.

Using an appropriate induction technique, based upon your suggestibility, I then guide you into the hypnotic state.

I proceed with a series of deepening techniques if I believe a deep state of hypnosis is needed. I repeatedly include a post-hypnotic suggestion for re-hypnosis to enable your going into hypnosis more easily the next time.

The Hypnotherapeutic Process

Your subconscious is the part of your mind where change originates. After guiding you into hypnosis, your subconscious is immediately accessible and suggestible to what’s presented to it. At that point I begin recording the hypnotic material you will receive in an audio file to use as reinforcement of what was implanted in session.

The mind works according to laws such as the Law of Repetition and the Law of Dominance. Through persuasive repetition and restatement of constructive ideas, using a variety of hypnotherapeutic and other techniques and processes, I influence your subconscious to exhibit positive behavior patterns that lead to the accomplishment of your goals rather than the negative ones that keep you stuck and sabotage your good.  To create this influence, I offer the subconscious ways of thinking and feeling that  promote positive attitudes and beliefs about your Authentic Self.  I encourage you to connect with that most important part of you that lives deep within, ready and willing to guide you to the life you are meant to live and the contributions using your special talents and gifts that you are meant to express.

I use powerful suggestions, visualizations, guided imagery, commands, metaphors, and other creative techniques that serve your achieving your goals and living your dreams. I enthusiastically and supportively direct your subconscious focus in order to:

  • Encourage letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Elicit feelings, emotions, attitudes, and other behavior that heal inner pain
  • Grow a mindset of confidence and optimism
  • Motivate doing what it takes to succeed

Before the conclusion of each session, I again provide a post-hypnotic suggestion that reinforces the work that was done. Before counting you back up to full consciousness, I offer post-hypnotic suggestions that reinforce the work that was done, stimulating feelings of success, optimism and well being that you take with you.

I strongly encourage you to practice with the hypnosis reinforcement audio file I email you after each session. Those who do accelerate development of the beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and behavior that lead to the results they desire.

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