Hypnosis is a safe, natural, non-drug induced state in which you feel very relaxed, peaceful, and calm.

Going into hypnosis feels similar to how you feel falling off to sleep at night when you are tired. In fact we all go into hypnosis right before sleep and are in hypnosis when we first awaken.

Your eyes tend to feel drowsy, your head, chest, arms and/or legs may feel heavy, but pleasantly so. Yet, the experience can vary from one individual to the next, as some report having felt instead a lightness or buoyancy in their body. Others felt a tingling or even numbness in their hands or feel.

Your breathing tends to slow down and deepen. Your mouth may begin to feel dry, so you may want to lick your lips, generate saliva in your mouth, and then swallow.

Your body gets more relaxed as your muscles get loose; your shoulders drop down away from your ears to release tension, and your neck assumes whatever position feels more comfortable. While you are able to talk and move your body, you tend not to want to, preferring to be quiet and still. But if asked questions during hypnosis, you can respond.

Your conscious mind tends to drift back and forth during hypnosis. You may be listening attentively at first, and then only hear me talking in the background since you no longer pay attention as you allow your conscious awareness to float or go elsewhere.

This is exactly what we want to happen, since in this state your subconscious becomes directly accessible and highly suggestible to the ideas being presented.

Colors and imagery may appear more vivid. Memories, perhaps long forgotten, may be recalled. The experience of time may slow down or speed up.

In most all cases, the subject comments on how relaxed and peaceful they felt while they were in hypnosis. Some continue to feel that way for some time once they are out of hypnosis.

Not unlike other mental capacities, such as memory, imagination, visualization, and will power, your ability to go into hypnosis quickly and deeply, is, to some extent, unique to your psychological make-up.  While most every one is able to be guided into hypnosis, there may be some who resist at first, since the mind tends to be wary of the unknown.  But as you allow yourself to relax and experience  the peace and harmony it instills, your resistance fades.  Listening at home to the reinforcement audio I provide enables you to practice going into hypnosis easily and quickly.

Some of the variables that determine how deep a hypnotic state you will experience and how effective it will be in bringing about the positive changes desired include:

  • Belief in your ability to go into hypnosis
  • Your desire to go into hypnosis
  • Your readiness to change
  • Any fear that you may lose control
  • Your trust of the therapist and your willingness to follow their instructions
  • Any subconscious resistance you may have
  • Past experiences with clinical hypnosis
  • Your ability to surrender to the experience rather than fight it

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