Hypnotherapy is not magic.  There is no silver bullet or special incantation that can produce overnight, miracle cures.  That being said, hypnotherapy has been shown to be a highly effective brief-term form of therapy for people who are ready to make positive change, seek tools to help them do that, and  commit to doing what it takes to succeed.

At MINDWORKS HYPNOTHERAPY, you learn how to replace counter-productive ways of thinking, feeling, acting and relating to your self  with constructive attitudes, beliefs, and behavior that supports your personal fulfillment, health, peace of mind, and well-being.

By doing the work you do with me in session, completing any homework I might give you, and practicing with the reinforcement audio recording at home, you can resolve your negative mental blocks and past conditioning and replace them with constructive behavior leading to the completion of your goals.

Just how long this will take and how permanently the results will last depend upon the nature and history of the issues with which you struggle, the problems you face, how long they have persisted, and most importantly, your readiness to change and your commitment to doing so.

As with physical fitness coaching, the clients who get the best and quickest results are those who are firmly committed and who consistently practice with the tools provided in between their sessions. As they say in AA, “it works if you work it”. The same goes for hypnotherapy. I am your teacher, guide, and coach. Together, we can effect your personal and professional transformation. You can achieve the rewards and deep fulfillment that come from manifesting your authentic self, if you believe you can and use the tools I provide.  Helping you achieve your goals and live your dreams truly makes my spirit soar.

Please Note: Some problems, such as chronic pain or morbid obesity, may require a medical referral. For clients seeking my help, who suffer from severe depression or another mood disorder, I require a referral from a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or clinical psychologist. I always respect the role of that therapist as your primary caregiver who sanctions in writing my role as an adjunct therapist.

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