Many clients who come for hypnotherapy have tried other forms of counseling to resolve their emotional, physical, or behavioral problems.  Typically, they have gained greater understanding about what triggers their problems and how their problems adversely impact their health, self-image, relationships, career, finances, and other aspects of their lives. Nevertheless, they still seek professional help that goes beyond just talking about their issues and goals.  They want to resolve their problems, so they can start living happier, more fulfilling lives.

Hypnotherapy attracts clients who are looking for therapeutic tools and techniques to effect positive change in a relatively short period of time. Many scientific studies of clinical hypnosis validate its benefits. In 2007, for example, the American Health Magazine compared psychoanalysis, behavior therapy, and hypnosis to determine the efficacy of hypnosis treatments. The results indicated:

  • Patients treated with Psychoanalysis reported a 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Patients treated with Behavior Therapy reported a 73% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Patients treated with Hypnosis reported a 93% recovery after 6 sessions.

Hypnotherapy is an effective, brief-term form of therapy that uses specific hypnotic suggestions and techniques tailored to the client’s particular mindset, in order to gain direct access to, and immediate influence upon, their subconscious, where positive changes originate.  This influence is not a form of mind control; no client can be forced under hypnosis to accept any suggestions they would not otherwise accept.  (Please see “What are Popular Misconceptions?” in the Hypnosis FAQ section.)

By engaging in Socratic dialogue with the client before inducing hypnosis, I gain important information, not only about the client’s goals and lack of progress, but also about their limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, and internal resistance to taking constructive action.   Together we explore possible factors that underly sabotaging their own success.  What motivation and benefits (such as pain avoidance, self-protection, managing overwhelm, maintaining a sense of control) do they derive (or believe they do) from NOT achieving their goals and dreams.

Using this information, I then put the client in hypnosis to engage their subconscious directly in a receptive state.  By offering suggestions and using techniques such as desensitization, ego-strengthening, creative visualization, and cognitive reframing, I redirect the subconscious to  break bad habits, dissolve limiting beliefs, and focus on constructive thoughts, feelings, and choices that promote self-confidence, free up blocked energy, and motivate constructive action.

I record the hypnosis portion of each session and give you copies as audio files.  Since the mind works according to the Law of Repetition, listening repeatedly to these audios reinforces the hypnotic influence gotten in session, accelerating and strengthening the positive effects.

Using audio recordings to reinforce what was instilled in session will enable you to:

  • overcome your mental blocks without struggle
  • replace negative behaviors with positive ones more easily
  • reach the goals to which you aspire more quickly

If you study these audios when fully conscious, you can also use them as a model of how to hypnotize yourself and implant deep within your subconscious mind other supportive, uplifting ideas, beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and images relevant to your problems and aims.

While hypnotherapy is not a magic wand or overnight miracle cure, it is a way to achieve positive transformation. No longer the victim of negative unconscious programming that blocks your success, you are free to be your authentic self and live your dreams.

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