My job, if you choose me as your hypnotherapist, is to apply and teach you effective hypnotherapeutic techniques to enable you to overcome the mental hurdles along your way to success. After guiding you into hypnosis, a highly suggestible state, I nourish your subconscious, where positive change begins, with encouraging ideas and uplifting images. I use techniques and processes designed to reframe how you think about yourself, your worth, and your ability to live authentically. Through repetition and reinforcement, you assimilate the mindset of the person you know deep down you want to be.

You develop supportive beliefs, positive emotions, and encouraging feelings that motivate you to take constructive action to accomplish your goals. In this way, you overcome the resistance and negative attitudes that kept you stuck. Seeing you learn to live as your authentic self fans the flames of my inner light.

I encourage you to read as much of the information on this website as you can to learn about the concepts, processes, applications, and benefits of clinical hypnosis and self-help coaching.

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Ultimately, the source of positive change is within your subconscious mind. Learning how to tap into its power and redirect it toward your good is invaluable. Hypnotherapy teaches you how to access and reframe your subconscious mindset so you can overcome the limiting beliefs, feelings, emotions, and habits that otherwise sabotage your goals.

If you have questions, call me at (310) 422-9913 or email: [email protected] Be sure to ask about a free half hour phone consultation or a one-hour in-office consultation for $100.

If you decide to work with me, know that I will dedicate myself to providing you the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need when you are truly ready to change.

While clinical hypnosis is not magic or an over-night miracle cure, it is an effective tool for self-transformation when you commit to the process whole-heartedly, using the customized program I design for you. When you learn to align your conscious desires with the driving force of your subconscious, you can develop a mindset for resolving your issues and living the life that fulfills you.

Some problems, such as pain or morbid obesity, may require a medical referral. For clients who suffer from severe depression or another serious mood disorder, I require a referral from a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or clinical psychologist. I always respect the role of that therapist as your primary caregiver who must sanction in writing my role as your adjunct therapist before I may work with you.

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