Shatter Your Inner Resistance

You Can Break Through Your Resistance

When You Lose Motivation

Feeling motivated to achieve a goal or dream empowers you.  Your excitement about getting what you want joins forces with your willingness to do what’s required. This promotes initiative. You get in gear and take constructive action. The realization that each step forward brings you closer to success fuels your motivation to persevere…At least at the beginning.

When feelings of motivation wane, for whatever reason, getting yourself to do what’s necessary to get the job done can feel difficult to say the least. Temptations to goof off or overwhelming fears about failure can stop you dead in your tracks.  You have met up with inner resistance.

It can feel like you’re standing at the foot of a steep mountain you are trying to force yourself to climb. Part of you wants to reach the top to enjoy the spectacular view and claim bragging rights, but another part of you is whining about how hard it is, how much time and energy it would take, and that it is tired and wants to stop. That’s your Inner Child complaining.

Finding ways to overcome your inner resistance is not only critical for reaching your goals, but yields other important benefits as well.  It develops your creativity and your patience.  Getting yourself to stop resisting strengthens your determination and raises your self-esteem.  You feel proud of yourself.  It also improves your self-image. You think of yourself as a doer, not a quitter.

If you’re in the habit of succumbing to resistance, know that each step forward weakens that habit and encourages your perseverance.  You also strengthen your personal power and self-control by getting yourself to do what you need to do when a part of you (your Inner Child) doesn’t want to do it. And knowing that you have overcome resistance time and time again enhances your self-confidence as well.

Success breeds success.  Each time you overcome your resistance, you prove to yourself that you can overcome it. This strengthens your belief that you can, and that makes it more likely that you will overcome your resistance the next time, and the time after that, and so on.

3 Reasons Why

In this blog post, I identify three key reasons why you resist taking constructive action to achieve your goals and dreams.  I then provide links to three hypnotic audio recordings in the Mindworks Hypnotherapy store to help you overcome your resistance.

A sink full of unwashed dishes

Inner Resistance to Cleaning Up

“Doing Dirty Dishes”

Sometimes resistance comes from feeling bored with certain tasks that the accomplishment of your goal requires.  “Doing Dirty Dishes” is a metaphor for that situation.  Undoubtedly, there are people who enjoying doing household chores, but for many, even those for whom keeping a spotless home is a top priority, the thought of having to wash a sink full of dirty dishes is a total turn off.  If your resistance stems from the desire to avoid a boring task, use the hypnotic audio recording “Doing Dirty Dishes” to accomplish the task and overcome your boredom.  You will learn a strategy you can apply to virtually any tedious or boring task that prompts your resistance.

Click here to view “Doing Dirty Dishes:Overcome Resistance to a Boring Task”


What Limiting Beliefs Lurk in Your Closet?

Limiting Beliefs Lurking in the Closet

“The Monster in the Closet: Revamp Your Self-Image”

Quite often inner resistance stems from limiting beliefs about yourself that cause you to fear you’re not good enough to accomplish your goal or live your dream.  For example, an aspiring cellist competing for a position in a prestigious orchestra slacks off from practicing because she fears she’ll humiliate herself at the audition.

Having low self-esteem or a poor self-image means you hold more limiting beliefs about who you are, what you are capable of, and how people see you than empowering beliefs.  These limiting beliefs, when triggered by relevant thoughts, events, experiences, or perceptions, generate fear and prompt you to resist taking constructive action to achieve your goals.  This is a form of self-sabotage that left unchecked, can severely undermine your success, happiness, and well-being.

Typically beginning in early childhood, limiting beliefs about yourself develop when consciously or subconsciously you accept as true about you various negative qualities that you or others (such as parents, teachers, coaches, or siblings) have ascribed to you.  These qualities most often pertain to your appearance, intelligence, character, education, background, talents and abilities.

The key to defeating limiting beliefs is to strengthen the empowering beliefs you already have about yourself and develop more of them.

The hypnosis audio “The Monster in the Closet: Revamp Your Self-Image” begins with a brief thought exercise to identify both your limiting beliefs and your empowering beliefs.  Then, in a guided visualization under hypnosis, you learn how to discard your limiting beliefs and to embrace and enhance your empowering ones.

The mind works according to the Law of Repetition.  The more you listen to this hypnosis audio, the more your subconscious mind will accept the ideas presented.  As a result, you weaken your limiting beliefs and strengthen the more empowering ones, thereby fortifying your self-image and raising your self-esteem.  Your confidence in your ability to attain the goals you set for yourself is bolstered, as is your motivation to do what it takes to manifest your goals.  As you resume taking the consistent, constructive actions necessary, you achieve your aims and enjoy the success you’ve earned.

Click here to view “The Monster in the Closet: Revamping Your Self-Image”



Polishing Your Trophies

Man’s Trophy Reflects A Winner’s Image

“Polishing Your Trophies: Improve Your Self-Esteem”

The hypnotic audio “Polishing Your Trophies: Improve Your Self-Esteem” is another tool to help you break through your inner resistance to goal-directed action by strengthening your feelings of worthiness and your confidence in your talents and abilities.  Triggering positive memories, good feelings, and mental pictures of your past successes reinforces your self-image as a winner and an achiever.

Specific suggestions and visualizations prompt you to reflect upon your past achievements and relive the pride and sense of accomplishment you have experienced in your life.  By impressing your subconscious mind with vivid remembrances of those treasured experiences, you develop and reinforce a mindset geared for attaining more success.

Success breeds success.  When you repeatedly focus on and affirm specific thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions associated with attaining your goals and dreams, your subconscious accepts them as a blueprint for what it impels you to do.  Using the law of attraction, it draws to you the opportunities and resources you need to accomplish what you want.

Click here to view “Polishing Your Trophies: Improve Your Self-Esteem”